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Frappe Ink - Sailboat Tattoo

Thinking of what should be your first or next tattoo? It might be a sailboat. Maybe you want to represent your dream of living freely on the water, or maybe a sailboat is your symbol of how you think about life. Or maybe you just think a sailboat would look cool on your body. Whatever the reason is, in this post you’ll find 19 Sailboat Tattoo Ideas!

Sailboat tattoo meaning

Sailors have gotten tattoos since the 16th century. With symbols such as ships, anchors, stars and mermaids as a means of self expression, as protective talismans and to mark certain experiences.

Journey of an Individual

Nowadays a sailboat tattoo can be a symbol for a journey of an individual, through storms and heavy weather, through sunshine and always on the way. The journey of life with all its ups and downs, like waves under a ship. You have to surrender to the elements, the wind and the water and make the best of it. You may have an idea of where you’re going, but you never know where life will take you next. 


A sailboat tattoo can also be a symbol of freedom. Of finding your own way in the world. Doing what you want to do and turning where you want to go. The ultimate freedom may be on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean, with just you and the elements of nature. Imagine what journey or adventure you could go on next.

Life on the water

Also, it might be a symbol for your life on the ocean. Doing water sports, enjoying the ocean, or watching boats from the beach. The sailboat might remind you of your happy place and make you smile thinking of all your memories at the water.

11 Sailboat tattoo ideas

Sketchy Line Sailboat with a Little Blue – by Frappe Ink

Sketchy Style Venus Sailboat – by Melissa Dowart

Fine Line Sailboat – by Yiğit Işil

Sailboat With Flowers – by Lauren Llerandi

Geometric Dotwork Sailboat Tattoo – by Eva Schmidinger

Cute Colour Sailboat Tattoo – by Vasif Daniel Kahraman

Traditional Sailboat Tattoo – Heather DelBene

Stars at Night Sailboat Tattoo – Deniz

Colourful Pirate Ship Tattoo with Text – by Roberto Poliri

Geometric Sailboat Tattoo with Compass – by Jaderoy Bourcier

Minimal Sailboat on Wave – by JK

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